This years Guo Shu Cup will take place on the 26th of May in Amsterdam. This competition, unlike the past years will be an individual competition which opens up the possibility for many more people to participate. In the past many people who wanted to participate could not because their schools could not form a whole team. This year we hope to welcome these people too.

These are the categories and will be divided in -4 years and +4 years:


  • Handform Northern
  • Handform Southern
  • Short Weapons
  • Long Weapons
  • Other Weapons
  • Duida

All forms must be traditional in nature without added modern elements. Some categories may be broken down further depending upon the amount of competitors so please include the name of the weapon that you are playing when registering for a weapons category.

As in years past we are doing our best to invite guests from China.

We hope to welcome you on May 26th at Sportcentrum de Pijp in Amsterdam. If you wish to bring participate then mail us
Henny Eleonora